The ABC Method to Relieve Stress

I hope you enjoyed the video about stress and relaxation that I sent to you on Monday.

I notice with many of my clients that their stress response becomes automatic. That is – they respond to external situations automatically without really being aware, until they begin to experience symptoms of anxiety.

I’ll explain this more in todays video and how you can use my ABC Method to recognise your early warning signals and take action. I do hope you’ll find it useful.

Remaining with the topic of stress, in today’s Check It Out I introduce the Stress Free Forever Coaching Programme.

Lois Francis

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When my first marriage broke up I went through 2 years of hell. It happened not long after I’d graduated and I was working on building up a client base. The only problem was, I felt as bad as the clients I was working with!

I needed solutions fast and so I did as much learning about stress as I could. I learned so much about stress both from my own experience and the trainings I did that I became a bit of a specialist. I found I was able to share my new knowledge with my clients and help them to overcome the symptoms of anxiety, stress and panic attacks.

I really have been there, done that, got the Tshirt and now I’ve written the book!

Today, I want to share with you my 12 key strategies to relieve the symptoms of stress by giving you a complimentary copy of my ebook.

Just follow the link below and you too can take the first steps to becoming free from the symptoms of stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Find out how you too can learn How To Relieve Stress!

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