Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa, or oats, are well known as the grain or seeds which are used to make porridge and breakfast cereals. They are known tobe good for the heart and circulation.

In folk medicine, oats are used by herbalists to treat nervous exhaustion, insomnia, and “weakness of the nerves.” A tea made from oats was thought by herbalists to be useful in rheumatic conditions and to treat water retention. A tincture of the green tops of oats was also used to help with withdrawal from tobacco addiction. Oats were often used in baths to treat insomnia and anxiety as well as a variety of skin conditions, including burns and eczema.

What it does

Avena sativa seeds are not only a rich source of carbohydrate and soluble fibre, they also have the highest grain content of iron, zinc and manganese. They contain compounds that are sedative and soothing to the brain and nervous system.

Potential Uses

Anxiety Eczema Insomnia

Other information

Avena sativa mya be of use in helping drug withdrawal and is often combined with valerian and skullcap.

Oats are sometimes added to the bath as a topical treatment for eczema.


Generally, there are no side effects or contra-indications from using avena sativa.

At the time of writing there were no well known negative drug interactions with avena sativa.

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