Bioflavanoids are a class of water soluble pigments which are found in food and plants. there are many different types of bioflavanoids which have different properties. For example, Citrus bioflavanoids help the absorption of Vitamin C and often occur naturally with Vitamin C in food. Flavonoids are found in a wide range of foods, flavanones are in citrus, isoflavones in soya products, anthocyanidins in wine and bilberry, and flavans in apples and tea. Bioflavanoids also occur in many herbs such as Gingko Biloba and Bilberry.

What it does

Although the precise method of action is unclear, it seems that some bioflavanoids are anti-oxidant and help to strengthen blood vessels, others are anti-histamine, immune boosting, or anti-inflammatory and they are generally recommended for these properties.


A bioflavanoid complex will generally contain moderate amounts of each Bioflavanoid and present no side effects or contra-indication to use.

At the time of writing there were no well known negative drug interactions with bioflavanoids.

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