Boost Self Motivation With Passion and Inspiration

Do you struggle to get motivated?  Do you have vague ideas about what you want to do, but you can’t quite get momentum going to take action?  If that’s you, then maybe you just haven’t found your life’s passion yet.  Here’s some simple questions which might help you to discover your passion.

What Would You Do if You Had an Abundance of Money?

What would you do for free? Would you travel? Would you be a professional home-maker? Would you learn a martial arts? Would you become a professional singer?

What’s your secret dream?

What Could You Talk About For Hours and Hours?

Ask anyone who loves what they do, who is really passionate about their work, and you’ll find they can literally talk for hours about it. Ask a truly fit personal trainer about how to be healthy and they’ll happily tell you in detail what you need to do.

What could you talk for hours and hours about? Is it a subject that you studied in your own personal life, on your own time? What brings a smile to your face when you’re talking about it?

What’s Easy for You But Hard for Others?

We all have unique skills and can do things that other people might find difficult.  Sometimes, we’re so used to being able to do those things that we take them for granted.

The stock trader can see patterns in charts others can’t see. The artist can create paintings with seeming ease. The professional tennis player can respond to a ball flying across the court at a fourth of a second, faster than most people can even register the ball has been hit.

What are you good at that other people have a hard time with? Write down all your unique skills. Don’t hold back, even if you feel like those skills are “small” or “irrelevant.”

Finding Your Passion

Finding your real passion probably won’t happen overnight. But if you keep asking yourself questions like the ones above, you’ll start to bring yourself closer and closer to recognizing what you really care about.

Talk to other people in your life about what they think your real passion is. Often times we’re so close to our situation ourselves that we can’t see ourselves as clearly as our close friends can.

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The Problem: “What if My Passion Isn’t a Real Career?”

What if you’re a highly paid lawyer, but your real passion is photography – But you have a family to raise, a mortgage to pay for and just can’t afford to pursue your real passion?

It’s only all too common that people have some sort of passion in life, but just can’t make a real career out of that passion.

In that case, it’s important to first realize that you are motivated, that you’re not “unmotivated” as a person. You’re just unmotivated by certain tasks that you have to perform.

The next step is to realize what’s important to you. Why are you doing things that you aren’t passionate about? What’s more important to you than pursuing your passion?

If you have a clear answer for that question, such as family, then you might be able to find self-motivation in your daily life by connecting to your commitment to your family. You know why you’re doing the work you’re doing: It’s because you love your family, even if you don’t love the work itself.

On the other hand, if you can’t come up with a clear reason not to pursue your passion, you might just be afraid of taking the leap necessary. That’s okay – Most big decisions in life have fear as a precursor. But if you want to be self-motivated and passionate, at some point you’re going to have to make the jump.

Sometimes we just lack the belief in ourselves.  We’re not sure if we can make a change, or if we have what’s needed to succeed.  We tend to look at others who are a success in their chosen field and think that somehow they must be different to or better than us.

It can be really useful to get a reality check and find out what successful people are really like and what their journey to success has been like.  This can help inspire and motivate you to take action.

One of the easiest places to find inspiring stories is books. How often do you read books by people who’ve succeeded in your quest?

If your goal is to become a millionaire, for example, how many biographies by millionaires have you read? Every time you read such a story, you’ll not only learn more anecdotal evidence about how to do it yourself, but you’ll also build your mental “map” of the business world, as well as really experience how good it feels to finally accomplish your goals.

Every time you go through this process, you’ll feel more inspired to do it yourself. You’ll feel more driven to bust through your own barriers.

In addition to written books, you can also try audio books. Audio books are an easy way to use lunch or travel time for motivation. Instead of wasting these valuable minutes, why not build your self-motivation by listening to stories of other people who’ve done what you want to do?


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