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Nature’s Sunshine Cranberry and Buchu

(Barosmae folium)

Buchu is a low shrub native to the Cape region of South Africa. The dried leaves are harvested during the flowering season. The oil can be obtained by steam distillation of the leaves. The two primary species of buchu used commercially are Agathosma betulina (syn. Barosma betulina) and Agathosma crenulata (syn. Barosma crenultata).

Buchu leaf preparations have a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine as a urinary tract disinfectant and diuretic. Buchu was used by herbalists to treat urinary tract infections and inflammation, as well as inflammation of the prostate. In Europe, it was also used to treat gout. The original use of buchu by the native peoples of southern Africa is unclear because buchu is a general term for aromatic plants. It appears to have been applied topically, possibly as an insect repellant, and also used internally for stomach problems, rheumatism and bladder problems.

What it does

Buchu leaf contains volatile oil between 1 and 2.5%, which consists minaly of several monoterpenes. One of these, known as diosphenol is thought to be responsible for the anti-bacterial action of this herb. Buchu also contain flavanoids, especially diosmin and rutin, which may give the herb it’s diuretic properties.

Potential Uses

Cystitis Urinary tract infection Water retention

Other information

Buchu has a long history of use as a diuretic herb and is often used by herbalists to help water retention, bloating, gout and rheumatism. It has been used to cleanse and disinfect the urinary system to help treat bladder infections cuased by bacteria.

Buchu is commonly found in licensed herbal remedies for the urinary system along with herbs such as Uva ursi, dandelion and Cleavers.


Generally there are no side effects from taking Buchu, it is best taken with food to avoid gastro-intestinal discomfort.

Buchu should not be taken when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Due to the diuretic action of Buchu is shouldnot be used if you are already using diuretic drugs.

At the time of writing there were no well known negative drug interactions with Buchu.


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