Building a Career Based on Your Passions

We’ve all known people who seem to be a perfect fit for their jobs or their careers.  Not only are they successful but enjoy what they’re doing with a passion.  We’ve also known people who are successful but hate what they’re doing with a passion.  What’s the difference?  Which category do you fall in?

If your prime motivation is the bottom line then maybe it doesn’t make any difference as long as you’re making money and providing for you and your family a desirable lifestyle.
But, if you long for a job or career you can love and do with a passion then it may be a little more difficult.

True, some people just fall into their lifelong passion with little or no trouble at all.  Maybe they grew up in the family business, never knew anything else or cared to learn anything else and found contentment staying close to the nest.  However, this is not the norm.  Most of us seek to fly out of the comfortable nest and fly over the fence to see if the grass is greener.

It’s never too early or too late to discover your passions and act on them but first determine what you’re passionate about.  When you understand your own passions (and this is not easy matter) a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

Step back and take a close look at where you are now and what brought you there.  Perhaps, you’re an accountant but long to travel.  More than likely you’ll make more money being a accountant, but if you’re not happy each day and dread going to work, then the bottom line is not your motivating factor.  See, you’re learning about yourself already.

Look at your passions from all angles.  In the case of travel, is it really the travel you love or is it exploring new lands and meeting new people.  You could meet new people and make new friends in all kinds of endeavors.

Meeting lots of people as an accountant is usually limited.  Maybe you enjoy making travel plans and scheduling cruises and flights which could lead to a travel or tour business.  It’s important to search your passions from different directions.

What you think your passions are could be just admiration of others who do what you think you would like to do.  Would you like to become a writer but hate to sit down to a computer and write?

Do you admire a person who makes birdhouses for a living but you hate to be cooped up in a wood shop all day.  Don’t confuse your passion with admiration.  And be prepared for the realization that doing what you love will not always put bread on the table.

You can bet people who are working at their passion spent long hours to get where they are today.  But, if it’s truly your passion, getting there will be a joy.  Explore your passions whether they’re a love of animals, gardening or photography and take these passions to the next step.

Learn all you can about your passion.  Take a class or a course, volunteer or intern in the field you love.  See where the path leads.  It could lead you right back to where you were in the first place but you owe it to yourself to find out. Enjoy the journey.

Supercharge Your Health with SuperFoods

We’ve been told over and over again that you are what you eat. The problem for many of us is that we just don’t know how to eat healthful foods and what’s worse, we don’t know how to prepare them.

Supercharge Your Health answers both of these questions by explaining in clear and concise language what makes these foods super and why we should be eating them.  For example, did you know that beans can help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels?

Each super food also includes several recipes so you are sure to find one you like.  Learn more.


New Career as a CNM trained Nutritionist worth a Gamble

Jo Gamble, Nutritional Therapist and College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) graduate, tells us her inspirational story of how she built a business following her daughter’s serious illness.

“At 19 months old my daughter Georgia was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.  By her third birthday she was having chemotherapy to try and combat this auto-immune disease.

“I tried a variety of therapies and took my daughter to nutritional therapists and we regularly saw a Naturopath in London but after a while thought, ‘I could train and do this myself’.  I knew a distance learning course wasn’t for me and I needed to study locally as Georgia was still in hospital.

The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) enabled me to study at weekends in Birmingham.  The CNM course is recognised as one of the most respected within the industry and worked perfectly for my situation.

Training gave me an in-depth knowledge of naturopathic nutrition and its effect on the body so it really helped me to treat my daughter.  Georgia is now 9 years old and is fit and healthy – this is a miracle after doctors told us she would be in a wheelchair for life.

“I’ve taken my passion and knowledge and turned it into my career.  Previously I’d worked as a behavioural therapist for 12 years but after graduating I wanted to help other people who’d been through the same situation.

When my daughter was sick I desperately wished that someone could have guided me through it and showed the different treatments and options out there.  Now I do this for families with a child going through cancer, offering advice on food, supplements, homeopathy and herbs to work alongside medical treatment.

It’s such a personal journey that has led me to this point where I have a career I love and is also very flexible for when I still need to take Georgia to hospital.  Being a working mum is never easy and I’m constantly pushing myself further but this is the most rewarding job in the world and, most of all, I have a healthy daughter.”

Jo set up Nutrition Mission in 2009 with fellow CNM graduate Debi-Ann Wrigglesworth with the aim of helping people with their health and vitality using primarily food but also lifestyle changes and supplements (  Jo set up two charities KICT (Kids Integrated Cancer Treatment) and The Alfie Gough Trust in memory of a young patient who lost his battle with cancer.  Alongside this work, Jo is also a senior lecturer at CNM Birmingham.

To find out more about CNM’s Nutritional Therapy course go to or call 01342 410 505. Colleges are in London, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi said that, and he was right. Boy, was he right! My father put this to me in another way. Often during my childhood he would say, “Never take ‘no’ for an answer.” And he made it clear to me that by this he meant, not just from people, but from life.

Life is bendable to our will more than we know. Every single time? Every single instant? No. (Well, actually, yes…but that will probably not be our experience, unless we have reached Mastery.) But more than we know. In fact, that’s the deal. If we don’t know that life bends to our will, it will not. So the trick is to know that life is on our side — and but awaits our command. Look what Gandhi did.

Love, Your Friend….





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