Cordyceps is a type of mushroom that originates in the mountains of Tibet, Nepal and China. There are over 10 species of cordyceps in addition to hybrids which are cultivated. The most commonly used is C.sinensis.

In ancient China, cordyceps was used in the Emperor’s palace and was considered to have ginseng-like properties. It was used to strengthen the body after exhaustion or long-term illness, and for impotence, neurasthenia, and backache. It was also used to cure opium addiction.

What it does

Cordyceps contains a wide range of active ingredients whichinclud polysaccharides, cordycepic acid, ophiocordin, cordycepin, cordypyridones, alkenoic acids, bioxanthracenes, sterol, nucleosides and exo-polymers.

Ophiocordin is known to have anti-biotice properties and the polysaccharides are immune boosting and anti-tumour. Cordyceps helps to produce ATP which is needed for energy production and regulate blood sugar levels.

Cordyceps is said to be antioxidant, tonic, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic, mental stimulant, heart and lung tonic and supportive to the liver and kidneys.

Potential Uses

Blood sugar regulation Boosting energy & endurance Tired all the time
Hepatitis B Heart health Immune support
Liver & kidney detox Reducing exercise fatigue

Other information

Cordyceps came to popular attention after Chinese athletes who used it, broke 9 world records at the World Track and Field Championships in 1993. It is now very popular with professional athletes as is enhances energy and stamin, balances heart rate and increases oxygen uptake in the lungs. It also helps produce antioxidants which protect against exercise fatigue.

Athletes usually take 2 – 4 grams daily, for specific ailments doses of between 2 and 10grams can be taken twice daily. The energy boosting effects of cordyceps may be boosted when it is taken with ginseng or astragalus.


Do not use in pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

May cause a dry mouth or nausea.

If you are taking MAOI anti-depressants, consult your doctor before taking cordyceps.

If you take anti-coagulant medication (warfarin, heparin), consult your doctor before taking cordyceps.

At the time of writing there were no well known negative drug interactions with cordyceps.


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