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Most of my books are moving over to Kindle Books for sale on Amazon.   If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download software from Amazon to read the book on your PC or other device.   Preview each book here on my site, when you click on the Amazon link, it will take you direct to the store for your country where you will be able to purchase the book immediately.

Special reports & some books are available direct from this site.

Stop Stressing Start Living!

Overcome stress and lead a happy, healthy, stress-free life!

This book is for anyone who is suffering from stress and wants to turn their lives around.   The book will enable you to:

1  Release your fears and anxiety.

2  Counteract the damage that negative stress has caused you.

3.  Deal with the underlying cause(s) of your stress.

4.  Feel inspired and motivated to create the life you really wish to experience.

Comes with audio version, guided relaxations and 52 weeks of email coaching.

Getting Pregnant: Improve Your Fertility & Chances of IVF Success

This book is for every couple trying to conceive and has fascinating advice taken from Lois’s 20 years of experience working with couples who are trying to get pregnant.

The book includes:

Detailed guidance on understanding your menstrual cycle and fertile time

How to recognise your fertility signals

When and how often to have sex

Checking for problems with your fertility

The diet, lifestyle and environmental factors that may be stopping you from getting pregnant

How to create healthy eggs and sperm

How to minimise the risk of miscarriage

How to use charting your BBT to predict when you will be fertile

Plus 12 specially recorded guided meditations to help you de-stress and stay relaxed through fertility treatment.


Eating to Get Pregnant 

In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know about eating to get pregnant.  From balancing your blood sugar levels, detoxing, stocking your larder and fridge with fertility boosting foods to 100 carefully chosen recipes.

Brilliant Breakfasts

Luscious Lunches

Delicious Dinners

Tasty Treats

You’ll never be short of ideas to create simple, nourishing, fertility boosting meals for yourself and your partner.


Freedom From Back Pain

An exciting new book that not only gives you exercise routines to strengthen your back and relieve pain, but also guidance on how you diet and mindset affect pain.

The book includes:

  • How your back works
  • The mind/body connection
  • Relaxation to beat pain and stress
  • How your diet and food intolerance can affect your back pain
  • The supplements and herbs that can help your body to heal
  • Three comprehensive exercise programmes to build a strong back
  • How to prevent back pain

Optimal Health and Wellbeing – Getting the Most out of Life

This book gives you tools to help you assess your current state of health and some down to earth advice to help get your diet and lifestyle on track so that you can enjoy vibrant good health. Most people expect to get aches, pains and health problems as they age, but it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s never too late to improve your health and reap the benefits in changing your diet within a few short weeks.

The book covers these topics:

  • Why is healthy living important?
  • The Benefits of Change
  • Why do people get sick?
  • Symptom, lifestyle and diet analysis
  • You are what you eat.
  • Diets don’t work.
  • YoYo Dieting & Weight Loss
  • What Vitamins and Minerals Do For You
  • Are you getting enough from your diet?
  • Are you dying of thirst?
  • The Fats of Life
  • Balancing your blood sugar
  • Exercise for Life

PowerBook Cover6

Supercharge Your Health with Superfoods

What is the secret to a long and healthy life?

It is in the food that we eat. As you well know, all foods are not created equal. Choosing and eating the right foods may help increase your life expectancy as well as the quality of your life.

If you are serious about your health and you intend, as I do, to live to a ripe old age and be bursting with energy, then you need to think long and hard about what you put in your mouth.  Remember that what you put in your mouth becomes you.  Your bones, muscles, organs, skin, eyes, hair etc.  Every single part of your body is reliant on a wide range of nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals to maintain good health.

In this book, you’ll find detailed information about top SuperFoods, which can be easily brought into your diet and delicious recipes.  Aim to have at the very least one, preferably 2 or more SuperFoods every day.


Special Reports

Book Cover Understanding and Managing Diabetes

Understanding & Managing Diabetes

An introductory guide to diabetes, what it is, the different types, signs and symptoms and 7 step Healthy Eating plan to manage it.

Download as a pdf file and transfer to your computer/Kindle etc.


Gluten Free Living

Are you sick and tired of trying every weight loss program out there and failing to see results? Or are you frustrated with not feeling as energetic as you used to despite what you eat? Perhaps you always seem to have a bit of a “dodgy stomach” and indigestion seems to be a regular part of your life?

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a nice big plate of pasta or slice of bread and enjoying your meal only to be met with discomfort, bloating that just doesn’t feel right.

You may be one of the thousands of people who are celiac or intolerant to gluten.   Learn more.


  seashore1-150x150 Relaxation Collection.

The collection includes the following MP3 files:

  1. Enlightened communication
  2. The Power Nap
  3. Healing Light relaxation
  4. Paradise relaxation
  5. Relax into a deep sleep
  6. River of Light relaxation
  7. Seashore relaxation
  8. Bonus track – Reclaim your Power.

You receive all 8 tracks as a download package for just £17.





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