Floaters are objects which we see which are in the eye, rather than outside. The commonest, which we all see from time to time are bright bubbles which move up the field of vision. this is because they are bubbles in the tear film on the outside of the eye. Dark shapes, which move slowly as we move our eyes, are caused by the condensation of protein in the vitrous humour. If they are persistent or frequent you should see your optician.

Nutritional Supplements that could help. (Refer to the individual supplement for cautions in use.)

Supplement/Herb What it does Dosage
NAC Has the ability to produce the powerful antioxidant enzyme glutathione, and is a potent liver protector. 500mg 1 to 2 times daily
Methionine A powerful anti-oxidant, it is also a liver tonic. 500 to 1000mg daily
Milk thistle Liver protective and liver stimulating properties. As directed
Dandelion Boosts the liver and gall bladder. As directed

Diet and Lifestyle Factors

Floaters are often seen as a sign of liver congestion, so eating foods which support the liver such as beetroots, carrots, sweet potatoes, dandelion, brassica and leafy greens may help.


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