So, your relationship has broken up, you’re in bits and you want your ex back?

What are you going to do?  How are you going to win him/her back?

How are you going to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again?

How will you mend your broken heart if you never make up?

Hi, I’m Karen Walker and I’m going to help you

 Discover How to Reunite With Your Ex Or Get Over the Heartbreak If the Worst Case Scenario Comes True!

 We’ve all been there, had relationships that didn’t work out and thought our broken hearts would never mend. It’s painful, your confidence is shattered, maybe you feel so angry with your ex you could kill, but you still want them back!

Every day you read stories about the revenge that people take on their former lovers, but does it really help?  Do they get over it and move on?

In this powerful ebook I’m going to give you 9 steps guaranteed to either get your ex back or you get over it!

Step 1.  What went wrong?  Why did the relationship you thought was perfect go down the pan?  If you don’t get an understanding of why it went wrong then you don’t stand a chance of getting it right again.  In Chapter 1 of my book we’re going to get to get to grips with what went wrong.

Step 2.  Just how bad was it? Was it a “call the cops” situation or a roller coaster ride of on/off?  You’ve got to know, painful thought it might feel, just how bad things really were.

Step 3. Time out!  You’re hurt and you’ve got to give yourself time to heal.  This is the time to put YOU first, no calls, no begging letters and strictly no stalking your ex!  Here’s where you get to make yourself feel stronger, better and that your ex needs to fight for you!

Step 4. Getting a reality check.  How great was your ex anyway?  Time to get back in the dating game and see how your ex compares to the millions of other people available.  What do you really want in a partner and a relationship?

Step 5. You still want him/her back?  Time to make contact, but you must follow my rules if you don’t want to frighten them off.

Step 6.  Creating a stress free re-union.  Dump the “blame game” and focus on clear communication of your needs and how the relationship can work better this time round.  Here are my do’s and don’ts for making getting back together easy.

Step 7. Getting his/her commitment to you. The problems you might encounter when you resume “coupledom” and how to get round them.

Step 8. Dealing with unresolved Issues and other roadblocks to lasting love.  Does your family hate your partner or does his/her family hate you?  How are you going to deal with that?  What if you can’t forgive your ex?

Step 9. Your ex says no.  Moving on, letting go, being strong and never settling for less than you deserve.

This 71 page ebook will give you all the tactics you need, so your ex is begging to come back – if you still want them!

How much would you be willing to pay for strategies which are guaranteed to work?

Priced at just $10 it’s a no-brainer!

Buy Now!

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