By James Colquhoun

Sugar is a topic that we here at Food Matters talk a lot about because it’s a huge problem in today’s society and things need to change! We all know that sugar is bad for us, but then why is there still a health epidemic of obesity and diabetes happening right now? For the first time in humanity, we are seeing a generation of children growing up that might not outlive their parents, now that’s sad.

So let’s first look at why we have a health epidemic on our hands…

If you’ve read our book Hungry For Change you will have read that fructose is the number one source of calories in the United States and it’s highly addictive. It is like a drug to our system and is hidden in 80% of the foods in our supermarkets and makes our bodies crave more.

The fact comes down to most people not realizing “how bad” high-fructose corn syrup really is for our bodies. As Mike Adams, a consumer health advocate and editor of says:

“Eating high-fructose corn syrup, in my opinion, is a lot like snorting cocaine. It is highly refined, isolated and concentrated, chemically manipulated version of something that’s found and grown in corn.”

Now that doesn’t sound to me like something you’d want to be feeding your family!

To get a handle on our addiction to sugar, we need to start thinking about these massive doses of sugar being no different to drugs and alcohol. It may seem drastic, but evidence shows that it should be taken this seriously.

We believe that somethings are best understood through film, which is what we discovered when creating Food Matters and Hungry For Change. That’s why we wanted to share with you, a great film teaser we stumbled upon for a documentary being produced in Australia. This film trailer (currently not named) really hits home about how much sugar the average individual is consuming and opens your eyes to what sugar does to your body when you consume it.



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