Indigestion or dyspepsia, means pain or discomfort related to the digestion of food. Indigestion encompasses a wide range of symptoms including heartburn, where there is a sensation of acid rising up behind the breastbone, nausea, stomach ache, a feeling of fullnes, burping or belching, tummy rumbling and flatulence.

There are numerous causes of indigestion, the most common being eating too much, too much alcohol, too many spices, too much caffeine, rushing a meal, multi-tasking whilst eating. Mild cases of indigestion can be alleviated with antacids, but prevention is better than cure.


Nutritional Supplements that could help. (Refer to the individual supplement for cautions in use.)

Supplement/Herb What it does Dosage
Charcoal tablets or biscuits. Helps reduce acidity. As directed
Digestive Enzymes Helps with the digestion of food. 1 to 2 capsules with each meal.
Peppermint tea Anti-spasmodic, calming it will also help stimulate bile production.


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