Lady’s Mantle

(Alchemilla vulgaris)

Also known as Lions Foot, it is a common wild plant that grows profusely in Britain and Europe. The whole aerial parts are used as a medicine and the root is used for topical preparations. It gets its name from a Middle Ages dedication to the Virgin Mary as it was seen as a herb for women of all ages.

What it does

This herb contains 6 -8% tannins and some salicylic acid. It is a powerful astringent and stops bleeding, as well as having haemostatic and regulating effects on female health.

Potential Uses

Colitis with bleeding Diarrhoea Heavy periods
Gastritis Leucorrhoea (as a douche) Spotting between periods
Nose bleeds Stomach and duodenal ulcers Vaginal thrush (as a douche)

Other information

Ladys Mantle is sometimes available as a loose herb which can be made into a tea. It can often be found in herbal combinations with agnus castus. The leaves can be used in salads.


Do not use in pregnancy or when breastfeeding.

Generally, there are no side effects or contra-indications from using Ladys Mantle.

At the time of writing there were no well known negative drug interactions with Ladys Mantle.


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