OLDER, WISER and SEXIER by Dr. Doreen Borseth

To listen to advertisers sell it, being sexy means having beautiful skin, hair or nails, or being the perfect weight, or wearing the trendiest fashions.   I have nothing against any of those attributes and I like to look at a well outfitted man or woman as much as the next person.

I do believe that one of the sexiest qualities in any person is their confidence.  On a recent OWN program Iyanla Vanzant ask a group of 50 men what they thought made a woman sexy and the first response was “a sense of confidence.”

When someone is truly confident, they are comfortable with who they are.   They don’t put up walls or hide behind a mask or pretend to be something or someone they are not.  They have a natural style and don’t make excuses.  They tend to look amazing, not because they are wearing the latest fashion, but because they have a style that is their own and they know how to dance in synch to their own rhythms.  They look amazing because they are truly comfortable in their own skin rather than wearing a covering to disguise who they are. They have a sense of ease about themselves that makes others feel at ease when they are with them.  They are so self-assured that they stand out.  You want to get to know them.

Confident people seem to have no fear about going after what they want and are clear on what it is that they want.  They don’t need constant reassurance and attention from others to know their value.  Confidence is clever, clear, consistent and courageous.  A confident person is open .

Getting More Confident and Sexy with Age

One of the gifts of maturity is that I have come to see how important confidence is in my closest relationships. I no longer find myself worrying about what my family will think, what my friends will think, what society, my job, or my patients will think.  Having a sense of confidence means that anything I have to say or share comes from who I am and it is comfortable and easy to share because I can let go and trust that each of us will remain true to ourselves.

In our closest and most intimate relationships, we need to be able to let go of control – spiritually, emotionally and physically.   It has been said that confidence is quite a turn on in the bedroom.  I encourage you to ask your partner about that one yourself! 

The world only becomes a better place when we all can bring our most powerful and confident self to each moment.  Now go power up your world by being your most bold and beautiful self!


About the author:

As a holistic chiropractor, Dr. Doreen Borseth has spent the past 30 years developing, testing and now sharing the quickest and most effective methods of living the life you have always imagined for yourself.   Dr. Doreen Borseth is the master guide and teacher for women who want to know how to “Have the Time of Your Life in the Prime of Your Life”.

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