Phlebitis is inflammation of the wall of a vein, it usually occurs in veins in the legs as a complication of varicose veins. The affected area may become red, inflamed and painful. It can be helped by using compression and anti-inflammatory herbs or medication.


Nutritional Supplements that could help. (Refer to the individual supplement for cautions in use.)

Supplement/Herb What it does Dosage
Bromelain A useful anti-inflammatory agent, it promotes healing of damaged tissues. 500 – 2000mg per day (away from food)
Pine Bark Extract Anti-inflammatory, helps to protect the walls of blood vessels from free radical damage helping to maintain their elasticity. 30 – 200mg per day
Rutin Anti-inflammatory, it help strengthen capilleries and other connective tissue, keeping them more flexible so that blood is able to flow more freely. 500-1000mg daily
Vitamin C Combined with Vitamin E, both powerful anti-oxidants, may help circulation and reduce inflammation. 1000mg daily
Vitamin E A powerful anti-oxidant, it helps prevent blood clots and promotes healing. 500iu daily
Bilberry Anti-inflammatory, it acts a tonic to the circulation. 500-2000mg daily
Butchers Broom Tonifies the veins and helps improve lower limb circulation. 500-1000mg daily
Gotu Kola A number of studies have shown that extracts of gotu kola are effective in the treatment of varicose veins and venous insufficiency. Gotu kola appears to enhance the connective tissue structure and improve venous circulation. 1 to 4gm daily
Horse chestnut Tonifies the veins and helps improve lower limb circulation. 250 – 500mg per day

Witch hazel or horse chestnut cream can be used to gently massage the affected area.


Diet and Lifestyle Factors


Eat plenty of fibre in the form of wholemeal bread, pasta, beans salad, vegetables and cherries, blackberries and blueberries.

Eat buckwheat for it’s Rutin content.

Cut out coffee, tea, cola drinks salt, cigarettes and alcohol as they all have the potential to damage blood vessels.

Drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

Take regular exercise and make sure that you do not stand still for too long without moving. Don’t cross your legs when sitting down as this restricts blood flow.

Support stockings can help.

Homoeopathic Remedies which may help. (Refer to the individual remedy for guidance on the one that is most appropriate for you.)

  • Hammamelis
  • Pulsatilla

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