Raspberry Leaf

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(rubus idaeus)

Raspberry bushes are native to North America and are cultivated in most temperate parts of the world. Although most well known for its delicious berries, raspberry’s leaves are used in medicine.

Raspberry leaves have been used by herbalists to treat diarrhoea. In traditional herbalism and midwifery, red raspberry has been connected to female health, including pregnancy. It was considered a remedy for excessive menstrual flow and used during pregnancy to help prevent complications.

What it does

Raspberry leaf contains high levels of tannins, which have astringent properties. It tones the muscles of the uterus and is used for pregnancy support.

Potential Uses

Overdue babies PMS Diarrhoea
Colds Tonsillitis

Other information

Because Raspberry leaf helps tone the uterus it is often suggested by both herbalists and midwives during the last 9 weeks of pregnancy to help prepare the mother for delivery and breast feeding. It can increase the efficacy of contractions, reduce pain and the duration of labour, increase milk flow and aid recovery.


If you take any medication containing ephidrine, codein, atropine or theophylline do not take Raspberry leaf as it may block the absorption of these drugs.

Generally, there are no side effects or contra-indications from using Raspberry leaf.



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