What is it?

Silicon is a trace mineral which appears to play a role in the formation of connective tissue and bone health.

Function How it helps
Connective tissue integrity

Silicon is essential to the synthesis of collagen, the primary connective tissue protein in the body.

Bone health Helps to lay down calcium in the bones.
Skin, nail and hair health Silicon is an essential component, providing strength and stability.
Joint health Appears to support the health of cartilage, ligament, tendon and bone tissue around joints.


What is it used for?
Bone health Osteoporosis Cardiovascular health
Atherosclerosis Skin ageing Weak, thin hair
Weak, brittle nails General joint health


Best food sources
Alfalfa Rice bran Oat bran
Wheat bran Sugar beet Soybean meal
Brown rice Whole oats White onions
Cabbage Parsnips Radish
Cucumber Cereals Root vegetables


Deficiency Symptoms

Poor connective tissue development

Impaired skeletal development




Premature skin ageing

Poor hair and nail quality

Supplementation dosage range

10-50mg per day


Other information

Silicon is commonly called silica when found in supplemental form.



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