How to be free from stress



FREE content packed e-book reveals 12 key strategies that show you how to relieve stress, so that you too can lead a healthy, stress free life.

With these strategies, you can quickly learn how to take control of the stress response and build your resistance to stress, so you feel relaxed and in control.

“I can’t believe the difference this has made – I didn’t know how much I could do to help myself – I feel so much more relaxed and calm now. Thankyou.” ~ Steve Newman

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1. Relax and switch off the stress response.

2. Get some balance back in your life.

3. Develop good sleep habits.

4. Use your diet to beat stress.

5. Naturally release feel good hormones.

6. Use herbs to beat stress.

7. Recognise early warning signals.

8. Engage the power of habit.

9. Redefine your rules for happiness.

10. Dump negative language patterns.

11. Use laughter medicine.

12. Increase your confidence and wellbeing.

Great stuff. I didn’t realise before just how important it is that I learn to relax. Following your advice I feel so much better and in control.” ~ Lisa Marchant







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“Why isn’t this stuff taught in schools? I had no idea how to combat the stress I was feeling, but this is simple, straightforward, easy to follow advice.” ~ Jennifer Soames






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