The Perfect Seven

There’s No One Size Fits All Diet Plan!

Have you tried every diet known to mankind? Been on the one where you eat nothing but cabbage soup or hot dogs? How about the one where you drink all of your meals or the one that makes you eat so little you feel like you’ve turned into a bird?

 For some people, these diets may work. But for the majority of us, we have special individual needs and preferences that serve as a precursor to how we’re able to lose weight and keep it off for the long haul.

 This book talks you through seven very different, yet healthy ways to lose weight. In each section, you’ll learn how to eat, what exercise tips you may want to try, and motivational mindset techniques that could work well for your particular diet plan.

 The programs are laid out in baby steps, helping you to get a handle on your eating personality and giving your practical tips to make positive changes.

The Seven Plans Are:

  1. The Plan for Those Who Don’t Want to Give Up Their Favorite Foods
  2. The Plan for Those Who Like to Eat at Fast Food Restaurants
  3. The Plan for Those Who Have Ample Time to Prepare Healthy Meals at Home
  4. The Plan for Those Who Know They’ll Have a Hard Time Limiting Their Food Intake
  5. The Plan for Those Who Raid the Fridge at Night
  6. The Plan for Those Who Need to Lose a Small Amount of Weight in a Short Time Period
  7. The Plan for Those Who Might be All of The Above at Some Time and Just Want to Feel More Healthy and Shed a Few Pounds!

I’ll guarantee that you’ll find a plan that works for you.   You don’t have to stay on any one weight loss regimen, either. You can try one diet program the first month, and then switch things up.

You may grow tired of one option and have different food cravings or even nutritional needs from week to week or month to month. The important thing to remember is that you’re not chained to anything here.

This book is jam packed full of information and inspiration to help you achieve your weight and health goals. At just $10 it’s a steal!

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