The Top 15 ‘Bad’ Habits to Avoid in Supporting Your Wellbeing and Longevity

Imagine feeling that bursting energy and vitality nature intended you to feel. Picture yourself waking up refreshed and enthusiastic for another day. Envision year after year of a life filled with energy that’s free from all the aches and pains associated with aging.

Perhaps that seems like a stretch of the imagination or ‘pipe dream’ and your current health may reflect a very different reality. When you’re not feeling ‘up to scratch’ it’s hard to imagine living a long life. After all who wants to endure years of suffering?

Well I’m here to tell you that no matter how you feel today you can take that up a notch. Whether you’re at the bottom rung of the ladder or feel you’re on ‘top of your game’ there is always room for improvement.

When you understand the daily habits that harm your wellbeing and optimal health you can approach your life with a new attitude of mindful-consciousness. Your body will respond with clear bright eyes, smooth skin, increased energy and a strong immune system that can fight off disease.

You may strive for an improved level of health yet fail to realize what you avoid doing is as important as the healthy habits you adopt in your life. Following this list of 15 habits to avoid will help you achieve the energy and vitality of an abundant life and embraces longevity now.

Remove these ‘insulting’ practices from your daily habits:

  • Toxins in food, water, air, personal care products, cosmetics, clothing, household cleaners, housing, and building supplies.
  • Drinking or eating anything too cold…especially ice water, frozen yogurt, ice cream, etc. Although some people use this as a weight loss technique, it is the root cause of many indigestion symptoms. Your bodily functions require a temperature of 98.6 degrees F. You can create symptoms of imbalance when consuming liquids or foods that are even a few degrees above or below this ideal temperature.
  • Eating when you are upset, stressed-out, angry, over-tired, or overworked. This opens the door for indigestion. Take a break. Go for a walk first or practice a short meditation ritual. Clear your head of concerns. Before you start eating make sure you feel relaxed.
  • Excess consumption of fruit juice especially ‘from concentrates’. Although concentrated juices may contain concentrate nutrients they also concentrate fructose and various other sugars. If you use fruit juice, dilute it with water and try to minimize your consumption especially with children.
  • Synthetic or processed foods and beverages. Read and understand the labels. Avoid junk food.
  • Excess dairy or meat consumption. Choose organic grass fed meats and unpasteurized raw cheese and kefir. Then find a balance that works best for you.

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  • All diet beverages sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Aspartame, Splenda and all artificial sweeteners should be avoided. Effective weight management involves an emotional and psychological key. It is not depriving yourself of desirable beverages and foods, but rather transforming your desire from harmful substances into a desire for nutritious real foods and beverages. The ecological and biological key to effective weight management is simple. It will be achieved when you restore the health and happiness of your second brain… your gut. The pathogenic bacteria and yeasts that increase digestive imbalances can be found in diet beverages. These imbalances include an uncontrollable appetite, fatigue and inexplicable weight gain.
  • Artificial and synthetic sweeteners, colors, additives, preservatives, fortifiers, fillers, etc should be avoided. They have a toxic effect on your brain and body. Consume whole foods–not fake non-foods.
  • All carbonated beverages especially soda pop. Normal human metabolic activity releases CO2 (carbon dioxide) as a toxic by-product. You inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (CO2). You do not want to drink it!
  • A ‘mono’ diet is monotonous. An important nutritional requirement is variety. Studies illustrate that your digestive system will flourish with the greater variety of vital food. You have more available enzymes and beneficial bacteria the more dynamic and flexible your food choices are. There is truth in the saying Variety is the spice of life!
  • Caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol. Remember they are drugs not food. Just take it one day at a time and be kind to yourself.
  • Eating too late in the day. Timing is very important. Remember the wisdom in story of the king, the prince, and the pauper? It will help you remember the ideal for eating that is often the opposite of what we think. Eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner. Eating late at night can contribute to acid reflux, acid indigestion, restless sleep, and insomnia. When your body it at rest when digesting. Simple and effective weight loss can be achieved by applying the wisdom of the king, prince and pauper. Experiment on yourself and find out the truth in this!
  • Your choice of dishes, cookware and techniques has an impact on your health. Avoid artificial and synthetic utensils, dishes, and cookware. Replace them with glass, ceramic, wood, cast iron, and stainless steel. Avoid the use of any aluminum pots and pans.
  • Use of artificial processing, preserving and cooking techniques in general and in particular microwave cooking.
  • Finally avoid being too focused on avoiding all these things in your diet and lifestyle. This isn’t an opportunity for you to beat yourself up of feel guilty. Though absolutely necessary it is equally important to proactively include a diet and lifestyle that is full of complementary and nourishing habits.

If you have built these habits over time in your life, now is the time to make a change. Start reprogramming your genetic makeup by releasing these insults to your body and allowing your genes to work with you rather than against you.

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