The Top 15 ‘Good’ Habits to Support Your Wellbeing and Longevity

You have much more control over your aging process than you know. Actually you’re in the driver’s seat not the genes you inherited at birth. The great news is that you have the ability to turn on or off the expression of the genes you carry in your body. Your lifestyle choices will influence the quality of life and health you experience. It is all up to you.

Why choose to look and feel older than your chronological age when you can adopt a lifestyle that will defy your actual age? The number of years you’ve lived only indicate your chronological age. There’s another very important measure that is referred to your biological age.

You’ve all seen examples of people that seem to have discovered a secret to aging. They look years younger than their actual age. When they undergo medical checkups, their physical examination and tests results reveal their organs and bones are those of an individual who is years younger. If you think it’s a question of luck, think again.

The 15 proven health strategies can help you to create a life filled with vitality and bursting energy. You too can be one of the “lucky” ones and enjoy a biological age that will keep everyone guessing about your ‘real’ age.

Incorporate these complementary practices into your daily habits

1. Tap into an attitude of gratitude as you approach each meal and silently give thanks. This calms your nervous system and enhances the digestive process.

2. Pause before you eat or drink anything and reflect if this is something that will support your health. Then make your decision from conscious awareness. You’ll find your food choices will improve when you increase your awareness.

3. Always sit down and relax when you eat. Take a moment to scan your body for any tension, relax and breathe. You’ll slow down and be able to enjoy your meal.

4. Strive to create an environment of harmony and peacefulness as you eat. Create small meaningful rituals to support and complement the balance in the foods you’re eating.

5. Proper Hydration is a critical element to maintaining optimal health. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj the author of Your Body’s Many Cries for Water is perhaps the foremost authority on the subject of proper daily hydration, and he suggests a minimum of half of your body weight in ounces of water per day. One simple practice is to drink 3 glasses of pure non-chlorinated drinking water that contains a pinch of organic quality sea salt each morning upon awakening. Your body gets dehydrated overnight and the sea salt will provide valuable minerals. Water is essential to all the functions and biochemical reactions within your body.

6. Include high quality digestive enzymes with each meal as a key to unlock the nutrients in your food. Your own body won’t have to work as hard in the digestion process.

7. Chew your food well so that you are actually drinking your solid food. Conversely chew your liquids so the digestive juices of your saliva can begin the breakdown of nutrients. We all know this is important, yet we forget what an insult it is to our body when we bolt down our food

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8. Select only the highest quality organic or locally grown fresh foods and beverages whenever possible. You don’t want your food to add to the toxic load your body must carry.

9. Invest in food preparation classes where you will learn whole food selection, juicing, sprouting, and wild food foraging. Learn how to create meals that retain and enhance their nutritional value.

10. Support your health by purchasing high quality whole food supplements every month and consume them every day. They do no good sitting on the shelf.

11. Include probiotics and/or fermented foods daily to enhance the absorption of the nutrients in your food. Your gut is called your second brain and affects your mood and wellbeing.

12. Exercise frequently. For many people walking daily for 20 to 30 minutes may be all that is required to make a positive impact. Build up to some form of interval training rotated with weight training and aerobics. The oxygen levels in your blood and throughout your body increase with exercise. This helps your blood circulation.

Exercise is also responsible for circulating the lymphatic fluid as it transports necessary nutrients to cells and removes toxic and undesirable waste matter away from cells. Unlike your blood that has the heart as a pump, the only pump activator for your lymphatic fluids is ‘you’… stretching and bending your skeletal muscles.

13. Create an environment conducive to supporting quality sleep at night, and rest during the day if you feel the need. Listen to the messages from your body and honor what you hear.

14. Look for humor in situations and find a reason to laugh every day. Each time you smile and laugh your body is flooded with Oxytocin also called the ‘love’ hormone.

15. Give eight hugs a day, and if there’s no one around hug yourself. Your stress hormones will lower, your self-image will improve and you’ll stretch your ability to love yourself and others.
I warmly invite you to experiment with these fifteen ‘good’ habits. You can look forward to some results that will delight you. Your vibration will rise as your energy kicks into a higher gear. After a few weeks, take a peek in the mirror and notice how smooth and clear your skin has become. You’ll enjoy the bright quality of your eyes, your improved mood and memory. Best of all this is just the beginning. Each step you make on this adventure into optimal health creates a long lasting result that keeps you enthusiastically ready to move forward.

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