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When you need a rest you try to sleep.

Feeling tired after getting up makes you think about vacation.

Sipping coffee near the sea sounds perfect. Does it?

Climbing all day to take a soup near the fire draws some wild romantic in imagination. Dreams? Or just a fantasy — What are you going to do to make your soul relax?

Looking for relaxation might have several sources: tiredness, mental burnout, or medical.

That’s why visiting a doctor in case of heavy chronic apathy symptoms is a vital plan!

I wonder how a simple cold made me feel apathetic in the second week of September. Now I write these words and smile as just a few days ago I was about to change my whole life just to start feeling aspiration to all my numerous dreams, plans I’ve had. Glad that found out such a strange side effect of cold in time. Yes, medicines cut that “power saving mode” out and bright colors came back to my reality. 

But that’s the occasional situation. The chronic apathy that has nothing to do with health issues relates to the soul and wellness. They are both important parts of a personality we all have inside and enjoy being. 

So, how to feed that mental hunger?

What To Do When You Have No Idea What You Want To Do?

  1. Do Some Training
  2. Try Something New — Breakfast
  3. Try Something New — Outfits

Do some Training


“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Said Armstrong one day.

To build happy meaningfull life we should use good bricks. Days are bricks for the house of our life. Imagine house with a sieve-like wall. Can it stand stong?

To make a change start with daily habits. What’s the first thing we do in the morning?

  1. turn off an alarm
  2. go to the toilet
  3. eat and stare to the phone? 

Human body needs some kick to get up in the morning. To faster natural increase in your ceraral blood flow to normal levels any physical activity works well. Make squads, go for a walk, run for while or do yoga. 

Why it’s important? 

Remember that morning anxiety? Well, you’re not alone: all the humans have this default setting called “cortisol” (aka the stress hormone). It is highest in the first hour of waking for people, and we can reduce it with exercise.

The self-help bestseller “5 AM club” has some decent thoughts on it too. Worth reading but with an adequate critique. Don’t forget that any result goes only after actions, and they differ from person to person. For some 5 AM advices work, for some, they are just another sample of how morning people try to conquer owls! =) 

Nonetheless, 30 minutes of light morning exercises are beneficial for us from any side. The best side is to avoid the temptation of getting back to bed.

Try Something New — Breakfast

Einladung_zum_Essen / Pixabay

Mom said the mornign should start with a porridge. I fought the right to eat cereals with differenttastes. is it that popular Healthy habit we all should have in our CVs?

Yes, it helps us build the right nutrition. Yes, it’s easy to be cooked. But it’s boring. Having that porridge in the morning for 6 years in a row I just can’t see it anymore. 

Diversity saves lives! 

Are you tired of the same daily cereal? try something new. 

Why it’s so important? 

  1. Body gets used to the same food every day and alternating carbs with protein breakfasts you can speed up methabolism
  2. Brain cells can develop (when you’re making them follow different neural stitches every day both those stitches exsist making brain more flexible)
  3. More ideas to try? Mediterranean breakfast or A paris mood? Easy! 10 mitutes breakfast ideas to set up the mood you need are here.
  4. It’s interesting way to add a quick fresh note of happines and fun to your daily life
  5. You have more options for breakfast places: local cafe, piknik in a park, new bakery, or even a list of top places in your city to get a breakfast.

More chanceswe have, more desires we can produce! That the rule of energy saving — nothing can go into nothing. Investing in own happy interesting morning we havesomething in return.

Try Something New — Outfits

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Cloth not only covers our body and save from hot/cold, it also shapes our self-esteem.

Have you dreamed for monthes to wear that cool t-shirt but got no chances all the time. Let this chance be today!

Put on the clothes that fit you, make you feel confortable and let you be you. 

Of course, some dress codes might make it impossible to wear what want while at work.In this case your favorite acessories come into game.

StockSnap / Pixabay

Don’t have such? A great chance to find something new to add your classic uniform. Neckless or ring, cool earring, or great watch are often allowed to almost any workers. 

Brighten up your days as mnuch as you can.

Have you tried any of these strategies? For me waking worked out.

The end of part 1


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